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Quality, Integrity and Value...

Always available at Diesinger & Dolan.

Ring Sizing | Bryn Mawr, PA | Diesinger & Dolan | 610-525-6900

Old pieces will shine like new.

If you have jewelry sitting unworn because it is dull or tarnished-looking, give it new life with a thorough clean and polish. Our staff can expertly return your cherished jewelry to its original luster by using careful cleaning, polishing and refurbishing techniques that are specific to the metals and stones used in your favorite pieces.

Revive your old favorites.

Your broken pieces are not lost causes thanks to our repair and refinishing services. Your damaged necklace chains, broken clasps, poor-fitting rings and loosely mounted stones will be better than ever after a quick visit to our showroom.

Bring your jewelry to 2 S. Bryn Mawr Ave. for expert repairs.

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